Fruits of the Spirit

We have really been working on understanding and displaying the Fruits of the Spirit in our house. I have three kids that are ages seven and younger so kindness, gentleness and PATIENCE is a daily challenge for everyone….especially this mama! This is why I created these hands-on activities for my kids and Sunday School class.

Each Fruit of the Spirit is introduced with an object lesson and a Bible Story that teaches that trait. This will help the kids connect the trait to an actual Bible character. This pack also includes Fruit of the Spirit posters that are simple and easy for kids to understand.

My kids favorite part is earning Fruits of the Spirit Tags. Every time I catch them showing love, kindness, self-control etc. they earn a tag. They add their tags to a chain. This helps them understand exactly what the trait looks like. We also discuss how it makes others around them feel when they show these traits!

2Then, after each Fruit of the Spirit is taught, they complete a page in their “Doodle and Pray” journal. This is when I am hoping heart transformation occurs. My kids spend some quiet time reading a prayer and drawing what they think about when they talk to God. My hope is that this doesn’t just become “head knowledge” but actually  a changing of heart. 1

This pack also includes a set of kid-friendly posters that give more information about each trait.

peace poster

Check out the lesson plan on Self-Control below!


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