Dental Health Month

I am always looking for new ways to teach my kids about healthy foods and the importance of brushing their teeth. Here are some fun ways we learned about this in our house!


teeth-image-4We made this easy-to-read paper bag book that taught them things to do to have healthy teeth. Then, they colored and sorted things that were good and bad for their teeth. When this was complete they stuck the sorting cards in the front of the bag for safe keeping.


teeth-image-2Next, we completed a science experiment! They used the task cards to figure out the steps needed to complete the experiment. They had fun, practiced their technical text reading skills AND loved pretending to be scientists. They soaked three hard-boiled eggs in soda, diet soda and water overnight. Then, made predictions in their experiment journal about what would happen to each egg. The next morning, they recorded their results and tried to brush each egg with an old toothbrush and toothpaste!


2We also made a Tooth Fairy Foldable Book to review coin names and values.


They loved creating the books and completing the interactive teeth themed printables in this pack. The printables helped them review  addition, subtraction and identifying sounds in words!

3You can grab this pack here!teeth-cover


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