Comprehension that Sticks

As a Reading Specialist, one of my students biggest struggles was slowing down to THINK while they were reading. I started asking my students to respond to prompts on sticky notes while they were reading and this changed everything. They LOVED using the sticky notes and I had the chance to actually see what they were thinking when they responded to the prompts. Here is how it works…


STEP 1: Students will get a prompt sheet, book and sticky notes. They will place one sticky note on each box. While they are reading they will STOP and RESPOND to each prompt.


STEP 2: When they find the answer, or respond to the prompt, they will place that sticky note right in the book where they found the answer.


STEP 3: After they have responded to all of the prompts they will place the sticky notes back onto the Comprehension that Sticks sheet and turn it into the teacher.


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