Hot Seat Comprehension

Struggling readers need to work on reading comprehension in an interactive and engaging way. Often, these students grow frustrated and weary with the typical paper- pencil graphic organizers and tune out class discussions. I started using this Hot Seat Comprehension activity years ago and the students loved it! They get to use various comprehension and public speaking skills while role playing!

Here’s how it works…

hot seat book cover

STEP 1: Read a Narrative Text in small groups. This week we are reading Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst. This book is perfect because it has a very strong main character…Alexander.


STEP 2:  Divide the class into groups of five to complete this activity. Choose one student to be in the Hot Seat and take on the role of an assigned character from the text. Assign the rest of the group to be the Press.


STEP 3: The Hot Seat student will complete the Hot Seat sheet based on their assigned text character. This student will need to be prepared to answer questions from the group. The Press students will complete the Press Questions sheet. They will use these to interview the student in the Hot Seat.


STEP 4: Once all of the students in the group have completed their pages, the Hot Seat student will take on the role of an assigned character from the text. The Press will take turns asking the student questions. Each Press student will need to ask three questions. Then, the students complete the appropriate rubric to rate their effort and performance in their groups for the day.

You can grab this pack in my TPT store by clicking on the images above! I hope you love this activity as much as I do!



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