Our Homeschool Journey: Organization

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Our family decided to make a BIG change a few months ago… to homeschool our three kiddos (ages 5-8) starting at semester. I have learned SO much this first week of homeschooling. Some things have worked and some things…not so much:) Let’s chat about some organization tips that made my first week a success! (Remember…these are things that have worked me…a total newbie .) Please comment below with any organization tips that have worked for YOU! I need all of the help I can get!:)

My Classroom…

I am someone that cannot function in chaos. Our homeschool space is in a small corner of our basement and it is perfect! I scored a $30 table set at a thrift store, painted it white and it has been a glorious place for us to learn! I have been taking about 3o minutes each night to make sure it is tidy and ready to go for the next day!


My Lesson Plan Book…

I found a lesson plan book on Amazon that has been perfect. It allows me to fill in my own dates, subjects and schedule. I also love the large spaces under each day of the week which provides plenty of space to make plans for each of my 3 kiddos! I highlight in yellow everything we completed each day. I make notes in orange with things that were tricky for my kiddos. You can check out this planner here: Bloom Daily Planner.


My Schedule, Sticky Note Lists & Work Tubs…

SCHEDULE: Truly, these three things have been a game changer for me! My kids always like to know what is going to happen next. When they know the PLAN, life is much easier for us all! I made these simple schedule cards for the wall. We do not follow the times exactly, but we try to stick to the sequence of subjects. We do ALWAYS have snack and recess on time:) You can grab these for FREE in my TPT store by clicking on the image below!


STICKY NOTE LISTS: My daughter is a checklist kinda gal….just like her mama. I started making them a checklist of everything we would do in school on these sticky notes. I forgot to do these one morning and she said that she NEEDED her list before school could start. In my kids world, a routine makes them feel safe and that an end IS in sight.


WORK TUBS: I found that my kids become very off task when I am looking for a pencil, paper clips, papers etc. This is why I started making a work tub for each kiddo. I put all of the papers, books, manipulatives etc. they will need for the day in their tub. It is so nice for them to be able to grab all of their needed supplies from one space.


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Even when the organization fails and the chaos begins…there is no greater JOY! This is the real deal people! I have found such JOY in teaching my own kiddos and seeing the amazing things they have learned emotionally and academically in just one week! My body is tired but my heart is at peace.

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Hot Seat Comprehension

Struggling readers need to work on reading comprehension in an interactive and engaging way. Often, these students grow frustrated and weary with the typical paper- pencil graphic organizers and tune out class discussions. I started using this Hot Seat Comprehension activity years ago and the students loved it! They get to use various comprehension and public speaking skills while role playing!

Here’s how it works…

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STEP 1: Read a Narrative Text in small groups. This week we are reading Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst. This book is perfect because it has a very strong main character…Alexander.


STEP 2:  Divide the class into groups of five to complete this activity. Choose one student to be in the Hot Seat and take on the role of an assigned character from the text. Assign the rest of the group to be the Press.


STEP 3: The Hot Seat student will complete the Hot Seat sheet based on their assigned text character. This student will need to be prepared to answer questions from the group. The Press students will complete the Press Questions sheet. They will use these to interview the student in the Hot Seat.


STEP 4: Once all of the students in the group have completed their pages, the Hot Seat student will take on the role of an assigned character from the text. The Press will take turns asking the student questions. Each Press student will need to ask three questions. Then, the students complete the appropriate rubric to rate their effort and performance in their groups for the day.

You can grab this pack in my TPT store by clicking on the images above! I hope you love this activity as much as I do!



Easter and Holy Week Activities

1.pngHey friends! Easter is one of my favorite holidays because it is all about the most important thing in my life….Jesus! I am always trying to find new ways to teach my kiddos at home and church about the importance of Holy Week. Here are a few ways I try to help them understand the events that happened leading up to Easter Sunday.



I love teaching the Palm Sunday story! I use this kid friendly version that comes with discussion questions.  Then, we make puppets to retell the story for the younger kiddos and a dice review game for the older ones. We also color a kid friendly book about Palm Sunday.



This Final Hours Retelling Ring book really helps the kiddos understand what happened those final hours of Jesus’s life.



I LOVE using this activity on Easter Sunday! I use the puzzle pieces as a great visual tool  while I am telling the Easter story. The kids love making their own puzzle to take home.



One of my favorite things to do is make these Holy Week Retelling Eggs!  I usually use this activity at the end of Holy Week after we have learned about Palm Sunday, The Last Supper and Good Friday. We just label eggs with the numbers 1-12 and fill them with the Holy Week Retelling pictures. I like to glue the Retelling Prompt Card onto the front of a small gift bag to send home with the eggs so parents can do this activity over and over again with their children at home.



This is a great way to incorporate the true meaning of Easter in a tasty way! I have my kiddos color each jelly bean to match the color word and I give them two jelly beans of each color. One to eat while I am talking about the meaning each color and one to take home in a baggie to further discuss at home with their families. You can learn more about this pack here!

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Comprehension that Sticks

As a Reading Specialist, one of my students biggest struggles was slowing down to THINK while they were reading. I started asking my students to respond to prompts on sticky notes while they were reading and this changed everything. They LOVED using the sticky notes and I had the chance to actually see what they were thinking when they responded to the prompts. Here is how it works…


STEP 1: Students will get a prompt sheet, book and sticky notes. They will place one sticky note on each box. While they are reading they will STOP and RESPOND to each prompt.


STEP 2: When they find the answer, or respond to the prompt, they will place that sticky note right in the book where they found the answer.


STEP 3: After they have responded to all of the prompts they will place the sticky notes back onto the Comprehension that Sticks sheet and turn it into the teacher.


Dental Health Month

I am always looking for new ways to teach my kids about healthy foods and the importance of brushing their teeth. Here are some fun ways we learned about this in our house!


teeth-image-4We made this easy-to-read paper bag book that taught them things to do to have healthy teeth. Then, they colored and sorted things that were good and bad for their teeth. When this was complete they stuck the sorting cards in the front of the bag for safe keeping.


teeth-image-2Next, we completed a science experiment! They used the task cards to figure out the steps needed to complete the experiment. They had fun, practiced their technical text reading skills AND loved pretending to be scientists. They soaked three hard-boiled eggs in soda, diet soda and water overnight. Then, made predictions in their experiment journal about what would happen to each egg. The next morning, they recorded their results and tried to brush each egg with an old toothbrush and toothpaste!


2We also made a Tooth Fairy Foldable Book to review coin names and values.


They loved creating the books and completing the interactive teeth themed printables in this pack. The printables helped them review  addition, subtraction and identifying sounds in words!

3You can grab this pack here!teeth-cover


Fruits of the Spirit

We have really been working on understanding and displaying the Fruits of the Spirit in our house. I have three kids that are ages seven and younger so kindness, gentleness and PATIENCE is a daily challenge for everyone….especially this mama! This is why I created these hands-on activities for my kids and Sunday School class.

Each Fruit of the Spirit is introduced with an object lesson and a Bible Story that teaches that trait. This will help the kids connect the trait to an actual Bible character. This pack also includes Fruit of the Spirit posters that are simple and easy for kids to understand.

My kids favorite part is earning Fruits of the Spirit Tags. Every time I catch them showing love, kindness, self-control etc. they earn a tag. They add their tags to a chain. This helps them understand exactly what the trait looks like. We also discuss how it makes others around them feel when they show these traits!

2Then, after each Fruit of the Spirit is taught, they complete a page in their “Doodle and Pray” journal. This is when I am hoping heart transformation occurs. My kids spend some quiet time reading a prayer and drawing what they think about when they talk to God. My hope is that this doesn’t just become “head knowledge” but actually  a changing of heart. 1

This pack also includes a set of kid-friendly posters that give more information about each trait.

peace poster

Check out the lesson plan on Self-Control below!


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